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To get rid of a Charlie horse in the calf of the leg, it is good to stretch the calf by pointing the toes toward the knee. Another way to get rid of a Charlie horse is to walk slowly. Rubbing the area of the Charlie horse is also good.

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A "charlie horse" is a muscular spasm, often in the calf. They often occur only in one leg, and often when a person has laid down to rest/sleep. You could try flexing the foot, bringing the toes up toward the shin bone, then relaxing the foot. Move slowly because the calf spasm will likely hurt more as the foot is first flexed. You can also gently massage the area.

An IMPORTANT Word of Caution: Never, ever, rub a calf muscle if you have had a previous blood clot in the legs because a new clot may have formed; rubbing the leg can break off a clot and cause a life-threatening embolism.

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you get out of the water and rub your foot.

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Stretch after exercising and drink lots of water.

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Q: How do you make charlie horses go away while in bed?
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