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candle light dinner

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Q: How do you make a romantic night?
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What is the duration of One Romantic Night?

The duration of One Romantic Night is 1.22 hours.

When was One Romantic Night created?

One Romantic Night was created on 1930-05-03.

How can reconciliation be celebrated?

depends...if it is a romantic relationship then a romantic date(or romantic night in), and possibly make-up sex if its friendship or family, maybe lunch or dinner or just hanging out for the day business, ...lunch ...hope this helped:)

What do you do if your boyfriend is not romantic?

If your boyfriend is not romantic, then you have to make him romantic. He has to learn that to be with a nice girl, he has to be romantic. Watch chick flics with him. Tell him to get you flowers and chocolates. Make him love you.

Is Twelfth Night a tragedy morality or romantic comedy?

If you had seen the play, this would be obvious. It's a romantic comedy.

Is Shakespeare's midsummer night's dream a romantic comedy?

I believe it is.

Where can you take your girlfriend in a Saturday night?

a romantic date and a movie

What is a good gift for the love of my life and for us to be intimate that night?

That depends on your beloved one. You could have a romantic night with him/her. Take him/her to a romantic place tonight You could purpose to him/her, that always does it. Good Luck!

How do you propose to a girl?

Say 'Will you marry me'. Lead up to it slowly, in a romantic setting.Think about what she will say.Think about what you should say.Talk to her about friendship>love>marriage.You should take them to the beach, resteraunt or a cosy night in watching a romantic film with popcorn and a bottle of coke. Or any place that you think she would find romantic will do.

What romantic words begin with the letter N?

night in shining armor

What are the release dates for Hollywood Opening Night - 1951 The Romantic Type 2-21?

Hollywood Opening Night - 1951 The Romantic Type 2-21 was released on: USA: 23 February 1953

How do you make out for romantic kisses on the Sims 2 PS2?

The way you make out for romantic kisses is talk to Sim get in love then press make out