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Blood sugar can be lowered rapidly by taking a glucophage like Metformin or an oral hypoglycemic (an agent causing lowering of blood sugar by imitating insulin). Both should be taken under a doctors direction as serious side effects can be caused.Insulin injections can cause a similar glucose lowering action.

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Q: How do you lower blood sugar immediately?
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How do you immedetly lower my blood sugar?

There's not a way to "Immediately" lower blood sugar, however the current most effective way is to take rapid acting Insulin, which usually takes effect within 5-10 minutes after delivery, based on the individual.

How can you naturally lower blood pressure?

You can naturally lower your blood pressure by lowering your sugar intake. This can make a huge difference. You can find tips on the following website:

Will peanut butter help lower blood sugar?

Yes peanut butter can help lower blood sugar just as almonds.

How are insulin and blood sugar related?

insulin helps transport the blood sugar into cells were sugar is needed. insulin is related to blood sugar cause insulin can lower blood sugar level.

Can barley lower blood sugar?


Does Glycogenesis lower sugar in blood?

Yes it does.

Does potassium lower blood sugar?


How can you lower blood sugar levels?

First it should be mentioned that you don't want to lower you blood sugar levels too low because it can have negative effects and consequences. One way to lower blood sugar is to add cinnamon to your meals.

Does hyperventilation raise or lower blood sugar blood CO2 concentration?

does nothing to blood sugar, and lowers co2 to almost nothing.

Are hot peppers good for lowing blood sugar?

No hot peppers do not have any effect on blood sugar but having bitter gourd will try to lower the blood sugar

How does exercise lower blood sugars?

Exercise requires and uses up energy. The sugar/carbohydrates in your body/blood is converted to energy for this. This removes blood sugar from your system lowering blood sugar.

Does honey raise blood sugar levels?

no it wont, because honey can't lower blood sugar levels.