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Well i think man u should act nice to her and just don;t do chick kjokes like Why do girls have boobs. So you have something to look at while talking to her Yup

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Q: How do you love a girl who hate men?
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What do you do when your is hanging out with a another girl that you hate?

Change the hate feelings to love. You can over look the hate.

Do women love or hate pre ejaculte fluids of men?

They love it!

Do women love or hate pre-ejaculte fluids of men?

They love it!

The girl you hate loves the boy you love what do you do?

Be persistent.

Does women hate hair on men backs?

It depends on the girl or women's preference of men

Why does Pete hate Peggy in Mad Men?

bc they love each other. at first they hate each other then she has his baby lol its a love hate school yard fude

What do men hate about a girl?

Too romantic

Do dogs hate men?

Of course they dont hate men dogs love everyone they like to be played with and fed. (They are not at all like cats lol :))

Is it possible to hate the girl you love?

If you feel as though you hate the girl you think you love, you are in an unhealthy relationship and you need to go your separate ways. You also may need to do some emotional maturing.

Do men play mind games and head games with women they love or hate?

Everyone plays mind games to some extent either to get the sort of attention they want or to make a particular impression yes men do whether they love or hate why they do this? probably just to see how much you love or hate him

What are the ratings and certificates for The Men They Couldn't Hang 21 Years of Love and Hate - 2005 V?

The Men They Couldn't Hang 21 Years of Love and Hate - 2005 V is rated/received certificates of: UK:E

How girls hate love?

Girls hate love because sometimes its the girl that's alwasy getting hurt in the relationship and some girls hate it cuz they kknow its bad for them but can't help it.