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Sceaming a lot of course!

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Q: How do you loose your voice fast?
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Is slim fast good for athletes?

if i drink slim fast to loose fat will i loose my muscle to

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How did Echo loose her voice?

by being killed

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Whats the quickest way for you to loose your voice?

The quickest way to loose your voice is by either screaming, coughing hard, singing off pitch or even whispering repeatedly.

How can you loose your voice?

Hey, here's how to loose your voice: Well, voice loss is hard to get on purpose, but it happens when there is damage to the vocal folds. A way that you can lose your voice is to get a cold, for example, many doctors have found that colds, such as runny noses. I don't have much more information, but I hope this helped! :)

Why do you lose your voice when you are tired?

Because,when you are tired some of your nerves break down and you just happen to loose your voice!

Does Miley Cyrus ever loose her voice?

miley is a singer, at a point evry singer looses their voice. hope it helped :-)

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He didnt loose his voice he took a vow of silence when his master got killed by the chinese enemy of his.

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You should never fast or trying to loose weight during the pregnancy.

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Do you wake up with a cracked voice or does it change while your awake?

This all depends on how fast your voice breaks. Some boys can have a squeaky voice for weeks, whereas others can literally wake up with a broken voice. It all depends on how fast your body develops, and at what stage you are in puberty.