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You don't really learn it; it's sort of instinctual. "Good" smells are often things that are good to eat; "bad" smells are generally associated with things that are poisonous or otherwise dangerous.

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Q: How do you learn that a bad smell is bad and a good smell is good?
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Do bunnies smell bad or good?

Both They can smell good if you take care of them :)

Is meat bad if there is no odor?

no it is not.. good meat must have its natural smell and not a bad smell..

Why do I smell?

I smell.. but it’s not a bad stink, it’s actually a good smell!

How does odor smell?

An odor can be good or bad.

Does a peacock smell good or bad?


What are some bad smells?

Alot of flowers smell good but I think roses don't smell good

Why do you think you smell good when you smell bad?

Because everyone is so use to their own smell (Good or Bad) that sometimes they cant tell the difference. It is up to them to keep up their personal hygiene.

If you use deoderant will your body still smell bad?

no it will not smell bad it will smell good, but you will still be sweaty deoderant just covers the smell anti-perspirant stops you from sweating

Does moisturizing everyday help people smell good?

Really. If you smell bad you are still going to smell bad. Think about it. Pigs roll in mud . They are well moisturized. How do they smell?

Why do your turkey giblets smell bad cooking them?

Turkey giblets have a unique smell, but should not really smell bad or rotten while cooking them. If they smell really bad, the meat may not be good any longer.

What is difference between good and bad smell It is a relative term?

Good smells are typically pleasant, evoking positive emotions such as happiness or comfort. Bad smells, on the other hand, are usually unpleasant and may evoke negative reactions such as disgust or discomfort. Whether a smell is considered good or bad can vary from person to person based on their personal preferences and cultural background.

Do rabbits have good smell?

no, they small kinda bad.