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I knew because i couldn't picture my life without her. I think about her all the time, back when I was with other people i thought of her and if I didn't have her I wouldn't know what to do

A:You can tell if you have found the right partner because both of you trust each other. You can speak openly and honestly with one another and share your emotions. You do not run each other down or insult each other. When you argue, you can do it in a mature discussion instead of a fight. A:You need time to be able to judge if he is the one or not. All you need is time as they say time tells..So the more u see him and the more you know about him you will be able to judge..Truly, it is got to be a mutual other words, he has to be interested in you as well..So he can make you happy!! A:There's no such thing as 'the one.' Just marry someone who you're good friends with, who you love, and who you have a lot in common with. If they're attractive, that helps too. There is no 'One' person who you could only be happy with. Just do your best! A:It took me twenty years and maturity to find the woman i have. You always find a compromise for everything. Loving someone is not a selfish act. You must think of them before yourself. Example: You go to Wal-Mart to buy yourself something. Yet when you get there you come out with stuff you bought for your mate. When you can do that and not feel like you are being used. You may be on the right path. Another thing is when you hate to see them leave for work in the morning, and can't wait to see them in the evening. I got lucky I got a second chance to make a first impression. A:There is no "the one" if you want the "one" you'll have to create the perfect set of conditions for her to be born and brought up in and that's a very very slim chance.

Instead of searching for the for someone who is like the one or someone you can do with , even though he or she maybe not the one. That way you'll avoid the disappointment you are likely to encounter in your futile search.

A:Someone who understands you, willing to be with you, trust you, love you, care for you....all characteristics of the "one" A:Remember movies won't sell without the concept of the "one" ...that doesn't mean the "one" exists :) A:You'll know you've found the one when you think about them all the time.

You start thinking about your future with that person.

When you see a couple walking down the street and all you can think about at that moment is the person with or wanting to be with.

When your heart goes a hundred miles an hour all because they walked in the room.

I know this all seems like fairy tale stuff but it's really what people go through when their truly in love.

Love is magical.

Embrace it and love it:)

A:if they look at you in a way that makes you melt inside,or if they complement you frequently,or if they kiss you.....that would be a good hint... A:You have trust, good feelings with him, a sense that he is future oriented. He should be respectful of personal differences, and respectful of your feelings (even when you find it difficult to rational defend them!). A good friend will not rush you, and will be there when you feel the time is right to gradually deepen your relationship. If he is respectful of his mother, chances are greater that he will be respectful and kind to you. That's a start!

You will definitely know if you have found the "One" if you think that he has all the personalities you expect they have and you know if they love you and will love you forever. But it takes time until you find your one true love, so be patient...That person will eventually come into your life.

I know it sounds corny but ....… you will just feel it when you look into their eyes and you will know "that person is for me" and you will automaticly do what ever you have to do to keep that person from falling for someone elts
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Q: How do you know you have found the right one?
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