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Hard to say, if he's not telling you straight out that he likes you then there is a lot of room for interpretation. Subtle hints about love can help convey it. If you like him then try to analyze what he says or does closely and even give him subtle hints

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You have to really think about it, do you really like that guy or not?

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Q: How do you know when a guy likes you Or how do you know if he's not sure?
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How do you know if a guy likes you back once hes found out you like him?

You know he likes you back when he sticks his wanger in your hiney.

Does the guy you like like you back?

If a guy likes you he will tell you dont wait around for him to finally realize how great you are go for the guy you know likes you hes the real keeper. especially if hes bold enough to tell you.

You like a guy but hes not in your class How do you know that he likes you?

You know if he likes you because he would give you hints that he likes you in the hallway or after/before school, or he would ask you out.

I really like this guy but i don't know if he likes me what should i do?

tell him if he laughfs hes not worth it

What is a Mexican Jew bagel?

they are a guy who thinks hes Mexican but he likes bagels weird i know but true

How do you no if the guy you really like likes you back?

there really is no for sure way to tell, but if hes nice pays you compliments, and is really just a nice guy

Why does the guy who likes you always do something mean to the guy you like who likes you too?

hes jelious <3

How do you get a guy to ask you out if he won't get to know you?

well see hes friends and ask them if he talks about if yes he likes you and ask him out?

How do you know if a guy likes you when he used to be scared of you?

U can tell when hes talking to u more and no try that afraid

How do you spot the good guys from the bad?

First you have to be old enough to date, then you have to date a guy it might be better to date the guy if your his friend and you know him a little then you have to see what hes like make sure he treats you right he likes you back make sure hes a gentleman and is really really friendly even if he seems friendly at first, he might not be.

How do you know a guy likes you when you hes in a different grade?

If you're concerned about what grade the guy is in you do not need to worry about getting together, you both are too young

What if a guy is being really mean in school but than txts you until 3 am does this mean he likes me?

Im not sure, maybe he does like you but his friends dont so at school hes mean to you because he doesnt want his friends to know that he likes you.