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- Because she wants to see if you care enough to stay.

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Q: How do you know when a girl is trying to make you chase her?
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i think the owner of it girl is only trying to make people talk but the character in it girl doesnt even know. i think.. i dont know how to explain it..

Should you chase this girl or not?

Deciding whether or not to chase or pursue a girl is a very personal and individual decision. You should make sure that you really want to be with her, and that you are not just in it for the thrill of the chase.

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Why would a guy stand up for a particular girl?

My answer to this question is there trying to get them self to be brave and make girls know that they know what they should do to a problem.

What song does Michael Jackson chase the girl?

the song that Michael Jackson chases the girl is "the way you make me feel"

What if you know that the girl you like docent like and you try to ask her out?

Like doesn't like? The sentence structure doesn't make sense, but if the girl likes you(as a friend but not as a boyfriend), don't try to chase. Just be friends.

Your ex boyfriend is now dating a girl who is your enemy is he trying to make you jelous?

if he keeps on looking at you then he is trying to make u jealous

Why do pets run away from their oweners?

Pets may run away because they might think their owner is trying to attack them or they are scared. Do not chase them, make them chase you and make them get used to your natural smell.

After knowing a girl for a year and she now postpones meeting up with you is she trying to say something even if she gave a plausible excuse?

well, it depends how much youv been chasin her. if you just say every once when a while "when are we gonna hang out" and stuff like that you shouldn't expect n/e thing. but if your like "okay this weekend lets hang out, how about Friday, or Saturday?" then it could be many things. you really don't know. what i do know is you don't want to be the one chasing the girl. alot of guys don't know that the essential *key* is to make the girl chase you. like saying "man i love rejection girl". and she'll probably say "no im not rejecting you". you say "yeah whatever you say baby, listen i realize your cool and all but i don't know if your cool enough to be dissing me like that.. haha". pick at her and make her chase you.

How do you know if an ex boyfriend is trying to make you jealous?

I think when he's with the other girl or kinda talking to them, he looks at you sometimes when you look at him talking to them