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Love cannot be tested by questions, since you will never know if a question is answered honestly or dishonestly. Love is shown by actions. A person could say "I would do anything for you, baby" but that does not in itself mean anything. Observe what this person actually does.

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Q: How do you know that the person you love loves you too with the help of some questions?
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How do you know if somebody loves you?

You will get signs from that person, like hanging out with you too much, or asking you personal questions, or the one I hate, asking if that person can come over and hang out with you in your room. Ughhh, i hate that one. But, just look at the signs. If somebody loves you, then they will tell you.

How do you know if the person who hates you actually loves you?

When a person who you think hates you shows concern about your well being, then the person actually loves you.

How do my best friend loves me?

You might know that your best friend loves you because he or she pays attention to you when you speak. When a person loves another person, they are often interested in what that person has to say.

How do you know he is in love with someone else but he says he loves you?

well he will not answer your calls or texts. he will slowly stop talkin to you. there will be 1 person who talks 2 da most then you. he will almost think ur invisible.tht's how u know :'( hey its me again if u need any help with relationship problems u have questions just tell me ill be glad to help and or answer you kk?

What to say when talking to a boy you like on the internet?

Get to know him. Ask him questions that interest him and try to get inside of his head. This will help him know you're interested in him as a person, and will help you find out if you really do like him.

How can you tell when a person loves you or not?

it's will just know

How can we know that the person loves you?

that is npt really a question that can be answered... you should just know..

How do you know the person seriously loves you?

If a person seriously loves you, they will always be looking at you. They will always say hi to you. they will strike up a convo with you. And they will always be nice to you.

Did you know your sooooooo dumb?

I'm here to help with any questions or information you may need. Let me know how I can assist you today.

How does this person know you?

thay ask them questions

How do you know if a online boy loves you?

ask him questions than if he has a girl than ask him out ps make sure u really know him

How did you know if the person really loves you?

You just know. Maybe they'll stand by you through everything. You'll know if they do.