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you can't know but you can make sure that they do like you just like them and I'm sure that they will

and one more advice you better to don't trust any body in this time cuz it's a cruel world

and you'r best friend could stab you in the back just make sure 100% that they are truly you'r friends before you fell safe with them

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when you look into their eyes if their pupils get larger is 1 sighn another way to tell is they will be really nice or realy mean or if they are mean they may just not like you, to prove that, stay away from for awile if they try to make conversation BINGO they like you.its important to be a little better than they are if you want to start a relasionship with them.

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Q: How do you know that people around you like you?
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How do you know if people like you?

People like you when they like to be around you. People like you when they are nice to you, hang out with you, follow your advice, when they look up to you, ect.ect.

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if your invisible around other people than the signs are that they dont like you and are just not listening to you

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I have a crush on a boy and when im by myself with him he will talk to me but when hes around other people he acts like im not there what does that mean?

He likes you and he doesnt want anyone else to know go ask him out seriously. He likes you and he doesnt want anyone else to know go ask him out seriously. maybe he is shy when he is around people. If he doesnt talk to you when he his around people it does not mean he does not like you is just that he is shy

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