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he will try and take advantage of you(money.. sex.. friends ect)

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Q: How do you know if your boyfriend is using you or not?
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How do you know if your boyfriend uses you?

You know he's using you if he tries to hard to make it seem like he's not. When you question him about it he'll get all defense.

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get back with his exgirlfriend?

when he takes u somewhere unexpected and he acts weird just because

Is your ex-boyfriend just using you for sex if he doesn't want his best friend to know hes seeing you?


What to do when you think your boyfriend is using you?

My boyfriend is really an amazing guy but sometimes I think he is using me to get his ex's jealous

What if your boyfriend does not know how to be a boyfriend?

Sweetie, if your boyfriend doesn't know how to be a boyfriend, then just let him figure it out or tell him what he needs to do! Step up and be a women!

How do you know if your boyfriend is using you to get another girl?

A person usually knows if he's using you when their boyfriend doesn't really pay attention to you. Rather than talking about you and him, he would rather ask more about your friend or you can notice if he stares more at your friend rather than you. :)

How will you know if your boyfriend and his bisexual best friend are just using you as a cover up for they are ashamed to show it to the world?

You will know because when he hangs around boy he acts funny

How do you know when the right moment is to kiss your boyfriend?

I don't know cuz i don't have a boyfriend ):

Can a boyfriend not like his girlfriends guy friends if he doesnt know them he is 20 and she is 16?

He's using her for sex. Tell them to break up.

How can you find your axe boyfriend?

You can find your ex boyfriend by using Facebook or Myspace.

Your ex boyfriend does not know about your new boyfriend?

who cares you moved on

How do you know if your younger boyfriend is just using you to prove that he can get an older girl?

test him. Talk about mature things ex: marriage, kids, the future.