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i think you know when had good sex when u feel as u don't want to stop but you have to because your too tired think that's good sex and if it your frist time then dont worry a girls frist is the worst from bezawit tadesse!

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Q: How do you know if you have good sex?
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How do you know if youre good at sex?

you know if your good at sex when your partner is either screaming yelling yes! moaning uin a good me u will know....

How do you know your good at sex?

When you enjoy it and so does your partner.

How do you know when a guy is good at sex?

I don't know go ask your big fat mama!

How do you have realy good sex?

If you need to ask you don't need to know

Signs that she does or that she says to let you know how good you are at sex with her?

with a smile and joy

After sex he told me he wants to get to know you better?

you need to dump this guy immediatly he obviously thinks your good in bed and wants to " get to know'' your sex life better

How do you know your sex is good?

Ask your partner and make sure they tell you the truth

How do you know how good you are with sex?

Usually, the person you're having sex with is bold enough to tell you you're good. Also, it's usually easy to tell by the look of ecstasy on his/her face. Good luck.

Is digging the 'hole' good if you know what i mean?

If you want to have sex than yes but not to hard

You don't know if your a virgen how can you know?

If you have ever had sex, not oral sex, but SEX, than you are not a virgin. If you haven't had sex, then you are. And that's how you know.

Does sex feel good?

Unless you don't know how to do it, then yes it's amazingly satisfying and helpful.

What is so good about sex?

Sex is so good because the sensation from the opposing sex is soo good :) .