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Blood in urine or symptoms that relate to kidney infection. Pain on the right or left side of the stomach, a cutting or burning pain on and off across your lower abdomen, need to pee even when there are just drops of urine when you go to to pass urine, pain when urinating and the likes

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The only way to find out will be to get the urine cultured

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My back hurts where kidneys are

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Q: How do you know if you have an kidney infection if your pee don't burn and your urine is clear?
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What is it when you burn when you urine?

It could be a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). It's also a possible early sign of a kidney stone. Talk to your doctor.

I have been having yellow urine w a strong smell along w groin pain dirahha kidney pian what could this be?

urinary track infection most likely. does it burn when you urinate?

Why does your urine hurt?

Burn? If so it could be a UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) Or possibly an STD, or just a yeast infection! I'd get it checked out! Good luck!

What can cause your urine to be a yellowish orange color and burn a little?

having a urine infection (UTI) such as cystitis - easily remidied with a course of antibiotics and by drinking plenty of fluids.

How do you knw if you have kidney stones?

We can knw that if we have kidney stones or not. Note the following things happened 1) Very high intensity pain in back waist. 2) Feeling high burn when finished urination. 3) Blood in urine. 4) Problem in passing urine (Slow Flow).

Can you heat up a urine sample to burn out herione?

no you cannot. the heroine will not burn out of the urine although if you have heroine in your urine you can however inject it back into yourself and get high again from that

Why does it burn right when you are finished peeing?


What can cause human urine to burn sometimes?


Why does it burn when you pee if you let your dog lick your vaginia?

You have an infection and the only way to clear it is go to the doctor. A dog's tongue is full of bacteria ( think about where they lick and what they eat) so you have gotten something from doing this. Not smart.

Why does my pee burn?

Often, if you are experiencing pain/burning while urinating this is due to a change in the pH level of the urine. This can be caused by diet, but may also denote the presence of infection.If infection is present, it could be a simple UTI (urinary tract infection), but it may be something more serious, such as a bladder or kidney infection, or possibly even an STD (sexually transmitted disease). It is always best to see your physician in order to have a simple test done, because prescriptions may be all that is required to clear the problem up.Im not exactly sure it's supposed to and if it does then you probably have a track infection.!

Why do you have to pee every 5 min and a little come out and it burn?

Sounds like you have a bladder infection. Go see your doctor and bring a fresh urine morning sample and they can test it quite easily. The cure will be antibiotics.

What parts of your vagina itch and burn when you have a yeast infection?

If you have a yeast infection all parts of your vagina and vulva can itch and burn. Obviously if you have a yeast infection treat it, and if sexually active consider an STI screening to be safe.