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If you don't have a dominant foot, eye, ear or hand and can use your hands/feet equally well, notpoorly, then you are ambidextrous.

The real test of this is the things you do that require fine motor skills, where the preferred side is not a forced, but a natural preference.

To be strictly fair, however, dexterity is a learned skill, there are many examples of people who have trained themselves to be equally dextrous with either hand.

Surgeons, for example, train themselves to be able to tie knots inside matchboxes with either hand, blindfolded, so as to be able to handle asymmetric 'offside' surgical dillemmas.

This is not actually an answer but i am not sure were to put it !

I have been researching Ambidectoursness quite alot . ( Sorry not sure what the correct term is )

But i am unaware of any sub ambidextours type forms .

As when i right i do favour my right hand however when i do sports i am equal and have better aim and can hit a ball , with bat and ball much more often with my left .

A few weeks ago i decided to randomly draw with my left hand .

It can out PERFECT in scale . A tad wobbally i must admit !

Unlike when i draw with my left hand when i draw things often out of perportion . But with my left hand they are not ?

Also , I attempted mirror righting with my left hand . Suprisingly my left hand was perfect and was as neat my right hand .

I don't know if this makes me ambidextrous or just naturally left handed ?

However i am also equal in all my subjects in school , top group in math ( which suguests im am left side brain dominant )

But also described as talented in all the arts . Such as drawing ( One of the best in my class people say ) But this also surguests my other side is dominat ?

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Q: How do you know if you are ambidextrous?
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