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It depends on what you mean.

By strict definition a cuckold is a man (traditionally) whose wife secretly has sex with another. So you should refer to the voluminous literature on "how do you know your partner is cheating on you."

If, however, you mean "how do you know if you have a cuckold fetish," the answer is actually simpler. Do you get turned on by the thought of you partner choosing sex with someone else over sex with you? The important elements to consider here:

- Do you get a masochistic thrill from it, or is it just that you are a voyeur and like to watch people copulating? Ask yourself if the thrill would be the same if one of the people was not a partner of yours, but two people you didn't know. If they didn't restrict you to watching, or make fun of you, would it still be so hot?

- Is it hotter to imagine it being your spouse or the love of your life than just a sex buddy you don't have those "I love you so much" feelings for? Cuckolds will get a bigger charge out of it being someone they are bound to and/or value than someone they (and/or society) expect such behavior from.

All kinds of people have non-mongamous relationships - swingers, open, poly, etc. What makes cuckolding distinct is the dimension of masochism you feel in being shoved aside or passed over.

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Q: How do you know if you are a cuckold?
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What is the opposite of cuckold?

I don't know of one single word that is an antonym for cuckold. Cuckold means a man whose wife is unfaithful to him. So the antonym of that would be a man whose wife is faithful to him. Alternatively there is also the "Bull" - which is the supposed term often used for that "other" man, especially if it is frequently the same other man - essentially making him the opposite to the submissive, rejected/humiliated, relationship bonded cuckold. A cuckold is, in strict usage, a male by definition (although in fetish usage a cuckold can be either sex.) A female cuckold is a "cuckquean."

When was The Magnificent Cuckold created?

The Magnificent Cuckold was created in 1965.

What is the duration of The Magnificent Cuckold?

The duration of The Magnificent Cuckold is 2.07 hours.

How to pronounce cuckold?

"Cuckold" is pronounced as "kuhk-uhld".

Where can one find a cuckold place?

A person can find a cuckold place at the website cuckold place. There is also a tumbler. One can also find support group forums for spouses that have been cuckold situations.

Is it correct to say that your wife made a cuckold out of you?

Yes, that is one use of the term "cuckold", which can also be used as a verb (to make a cuckold of someone).

How do you use cuckold in a sentence?

Cuckold is a noun meaning a man who is married to an unfaithful wife. Cuckold is also a verb meaning to make a cuckold of. Example sentences: In some Greek myths, Zeus cuckolded men with beautiful wives. In Shakespeare's play, Othello was convinced that he was a cuckold. Guinevere and Lancelot cuckolded King Arthur. Only the wittol knows he is no cuckold.

Could you give a sentence using the word cuckold?

red cuckold isn't blue

What are some of the words used to identify a cuckold?

Some common words used to identify a cuckold include "cuck," "beta male," "cuckquean" (female equivalent), or "wittol" (historical term).

What did the Elizabethans believe a cuckold was?

A cuckold is a man whose wife is not faithful to him. It is considered an embarrassing and unmanly situation.

If a man whose wife commits adultery is a cuckold what is a woman whose husband commits adultery?

The female variant of cuckold is cuckquean. However, it should be noted that the connotations of cuckoldry are currently taken to two extremes. There are some men who abhor the idea of being made a cuckold whilst there are others who relish this experience. A man who is a willing cuckold is called a wittol, but the term cuckold is used in fetish circles. (The pleasure of being made a cuckold can either come from the sadomasochistic humiliation of being "forsaken" or from the opportunity to "share" the experience in the form of an open relationship.)

Where do you find cuckold videos?

My favorite taboo tube site for cuckold videos is: Its free streaming site with great community. Check it out...