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You don't. Do you trust this person? Do you feel that it is true? Or do you feel that they are lying? It's a matter of trust.

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well if you really love them you can say you love them too ,but if you don't fell that way just say sorry I am not interested in a relationship, though or you can even say later.

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It means that they care what happens to you but they are not in love with you.

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When someone tells you that they love you very much, it means that they care a great deal about you. This could be familial love or a committed relationship.

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Q: How do you know if someone means it when they say they love you?
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Why do you say you love someone?

well when you really care about someone when you are older you will know how it feels. then you will really care about them and love them. loving someone means to risk everything for them and go to the end of the world for them.

How do you know someone Loves you even if they say it is just a crush?

Having a crush basicly means u love them

How do you say i love you to someone?

Answer When you love someone enough, you will find a way to tell them. You will know when the time is right.

How you know if someone love you?

you dont unless they say so

When he told you to know you are loved is he trying to say he is in love with me or instead he loves me as a friend?

it could mean either one. simply tell him you know you are loved by friends but you are ready for someone to be in love with you and if he means he is in love with you then he will show you and possibly tell you.

What to say to someone to tell them you are in love with them?

I Love You (name). Wrong, i think you should let the person know how you feel , and how you know your in love with them. Because if you just say i love you , then it technically doesnt mean your "in love" with them .

How do you know when someone doesn't love you?

One way is that if they say to you "I don't love you," or if there just is no spark when your with him.

What to say to someone you love that loves another person?

walk up to him/her and say 'hi..i know this is kinda weird for me but...i just want you to know that i love you and i know you love someone else but don't worry ill try to get over it...*walks away*'..that is what you say..well i think that's up to you

I love someone but he did not love me he says he didn't feel anything when i say love to him?

So that means that you need to move arround

What does it mean when someone say you are thankful to love you?

it means exactly what it says! she is very thankful that she loves you. if you dont know what those words mean you must be young

If you love a girl and you wnt to tell her i love you how will you tell her?

Say to her; I know someone who loves you over and over for a couple of weeks until you think she is ready to know and the say: Its me!

How do i tell a boy that i love him but he's going out with someone else?

Say that you love him and they say this. "I love you, but i know you're going out with someone else. Don't play dumb with me. I know it. I'm not stupid. Just leave me alone and don't bother talking to me again."