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if he is a player then he will try to use you for sex and what you need to do is say no because if you give him what he want's too soon the he's just gonna break up with you, when a guy is a player he always cheat's on you, so if he ever goes out and don't come and see you for a few days then that mean's he is cheating on you or he just don't love you and he's onl comming back so he can get money or sex, so lady's please if you think this is happening to you please break it off befor you get to serious with this person and if you think he might have a slight tember then have a friend or any adult by your side with you when you break it off just incase he get's violent. my name is tabitha if you have any qoestions on any relationships please e-mail me don't worrie i always respond back.

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Q: How do you know if he's player in a relationship?
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hes a player

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A guy likes you but all your friends say hes a player but hes always nice to you and hes a year younger than you does he like you or is it just his player self?

i think there is a possibility that he can be playing u. also if he likes all your frinds how can u trust hum in a relationship

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I don't know, he probably doesn't even know if hes interested in you yet. Look, if hes just got out of a bad relationship then give him some space, he has some things on his mind and he probably doesn't feel like hes ready to start a new relationship yet. Give him some time, every person needs time to think about things for a bit.

What does it mean when a boy says he doesn't know what cute means?

then he doesnt know or hes never been in a sierouse relationship! please explain to him what it means

What does it mean if a guy days he does not want to be in relationship?

hes not ready yet or he wants to get to know you better guessing

You like this guy and he likes you but hes a player and you dont know you know if hes just using you for sex or actually wants a relationship?

'Players' usually have a hard time not being players, but you could look for those suttle signs of normalcy, like actually caring about your feelings, calling when he says he will, showing up when he says he will, apoligizing for his friends rude behavior, etc..

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maybe hes in the new relationship to get over you and has to leave cause its hard being around you for the moment but he could just be over you but why dont you just ask him????

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