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I as a guy know, something which may be a possibility he likes you is he "checks" you out not anywhere nasty but stares at you in your eyes and smiles from time to time, the reason why he may be trying hard to get could be any possiblity of 1. he doesn't know you like him 2. he doesn't know how to tell you he likes to and is trying to figure out a way how to 3. any other possible reason

He could be playing hard to get by whenever you approach after a timeblock out in the all he says he has to make it to his next class in time, afterschool he rushes home saying he was going to play Basketball with is friends or simply avoids for fear he doesn't know what to say.

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Q: How do you know if guy that likes you is playing hard to get?
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How do you know if a guy likes you or just playing you?

You ask the guy.

How do you if guy that likes you is playing hard to get?

well right him a love song

How do you know a super shy guy likes you or not?

You'll know if he likes you if his dick goes hard when you bend over..

What do you do if you know a guy likes you and you like him but he ignores you?

He is playing hard to get to see what you will do. He is testing u he wants to see if u flirt with him , move on to next guy , or get his number . He may kinda be embaressed he likes you and doesn't want his friends knowing .

If a guy likes you but he ignores you he playing hard to get with rude and advice needed?

He might be playing hard to get. It depends on the situation

How do you know if a very flirtacious guy likes you?

Ask him " are you playing or do you really like me? "

How do you get a guy who is playing hard to get?

If the guy likes you then go ahead and confront him with it. Ask him does he care to get together. If you do not know if he likes you, then act as if you are no longer interested and that you have moved on. Then later on you will know if he was interested or not by the way he acts to your new attitude. Then maybe ask and confront him about you two being together a little later. Goodluck! :)

Why do guys play hard to get with a girl they like and what does hard to get mean and what are signs they are playing it with rude answers?

when a guy plays hard to get it means Ike he likes u but he dnt wanna be or seem to desprete and u can tell he's playin hard to get if like u know he likes u 4 a fact but he wont admit it o and mostly girls play hard to get no, no no in my oppinion when a guy tries hard to get means hes just playing with you and that u should move on...

This guy likes me for sure He told my friend But he's playing hard to get and i really like him and don't know what to do since I'm playing hard to get too HELP?

If you both like each other, consider being more open and honest about your feelings. Playing hard to get may create misunderstandings and unnecessary barriers in your relationship. Communicate openly with each other to build a stronger connection.

Why doesn't he email me when I know that he likes me. is he playing hard to get?

Explain the guy.If he is the cool, artsy, curly hair, brown eyes, dodge ball player he is just shy and doesn't know what to sayIf he is the football brave strong black straight hair black eyes tall guy he is justing playing hard to get.If he is the soccer Spanish, car guy he proboly stood you up

If you catch a guy staring at you and he is nice to you does that mean he likes you?

He might like you. It is hard to give a definitive answer since I don't know the guy. With some guys, the answer would be a sure yes. With others, that might not mean that he likes you. It is hard to tell.

How do you know if a boy actually likes you for YOU and they aren't playing you?

you just have to figure out if it is a guy you can trust and just trust him