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Well, if they hold the title reverend, or most positions of clergy are ordained. You could ask them, don't be shy, any of the ordained won't mind and anyone not should have no trouble telling you they aren't.

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Q: How do you know if a person is ordained?
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How can a person be ordained in new jersey?

It depends on what church you belong to. If you are a Catholic, you attend seminary for 6-8 years, then are ordained by a bishop.

Who can celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism?

an ordained minister or lay person

Should a person have the title of a rabbi?

You first have to be ordained as a rabbi.

Is it legal to get ordained online in Kentucky?

Yes, it is legal to get ordained online in the state of Kentucky. After a person gets credentials, they can marry anyone in the state.

What is the difference between a transitory deacon and a permanent deacon?

A transitory deacon is a person who will be ordained a priest. All priest are first ordained as deacons. A permanent deacon is a person who will remain a deacon for life, unless at some future date he decides to become a priest and is ordained to that order as well.

What is cleggy?

I assume you mean clergy? A clergyman is an ordained religious person, such as a priest.

What degree do you have to get to be a minister?

None. If a person is ordained by God then they don't need anything else.

What sacrament ordains a priest?

A person is ordained a priest in the sacrament of Holy Orders. Usually, persons are ordained as Deacons before they are ordained as priests.

What is the difference between an ordained and a minister?

An ordained person has received official authorization or credentials to perform religious duties, while a minister is someone who serves as a spiritual leader or clergy member within a religious organization. Not all ministers may be ordained, but all ordained individuals are typically considered ministers in the context of their religious roles.

Can a lay person bless you with a relic of the cross?

No, a formal blessing can only be imparted by an ordained cleric

What is a French cleric?

A French cleric is a person who is ordained for religious duties in the Catholic Church in France. They can include priests, bishops, deacons, and other ordained ministers within the church hierarchy.

Was St. Francis of Assisi a lay person?

During most of his years of ministry he was just a lay person. However, late in his short life he was ordained as a deacon.