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I am a girl who is a major flirt, and I flirt with anyone and everyone. I have seen shy/smart guys show interest in these ways: 1. they watch you/ stare at you from a distance and quickly act flustered if you return the stare and look down 2. they stumble with their words and don't form complete sentences when talking to you, but don't do the same with other girls 3. they will be quick to accomodate when you say, drop a pen or book and they look into your eyes when returning it. 4. They smile a little while looking at you, but the smile goes away slightly when you make eye contact. 5. Smart guys sometimes are quick to correct others on facts that are wrong, but for you they either overlook it, or gently correct you. This happened to me once. I fell for the smartest guy in my class, and I offered a study group with him. He was always correcting others harshly in a way that made him look superior, but when I messed up almost all the facts when studying together, all he said was that I was slowly improving and he gently helped me out with remembering the answers. We ended up going out for 5 months. 6. They talk to your friends about you. You can approach their friends and be friendly. They might mention him talking about you. Been there. Done that. Sometimes these don't always follow through, but they have always worked for me and my friends. but NEVER EVER EVER try to put down others in order to get the guys attention. this shows the shy guy that you are a harsh individual with no respect for others. Be light and fun and most of all outgoing. Make the guy feel as if being around you is always a positive experience. This makes getting him to open up to you a lot easier. And do not always talk about old boyfriends around them. Shy guys don't want to deal with all that emotional baggage. Im pretty sure that if a relationship doesn't result from these, a excellent friendship will!

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well you can tell if he or she is shy be twiching or if they make an excuse like im ........ busy like they wate and pause for a second.How are they not interested well lets see they just lie to you a hole lot or they test you like what do you like to eat humm sushi then they say i hate that see they wait for you to say an answer!!!!!

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Well, they don't speak much, aren't really involved, and always looking around to see were everyone is at. I know this because I am shy.

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Q: How do you know if a guy is shy or not interested?
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If a guy acted shy and then seemed interested what should you do?

Answer I a guy acted shy then seemed interested, perhaps you show him that you are interested. This is not the time to be shy, be bold, plant a wet kiss on his lips, he will follow you anywhere.

What do I do when I have a crush on a shy guy?

get to know him then he won't be shy

How do you know if a shy guy has a huge crush on you?

if he is still shy to me

What does that mean if the guy you like says hi to you and waves at you twice in a class?

i, as a guy would probably do that if i wanted the girl to know i was interested in her but was a little to shy to confront her and ask her on a date immediately

How do you attract a shy guy?

If he is shy, then talk to him. Shy people tend to just walk away, or not talk to you. Then you have to take control. Be nice to him, let him know that you are interested. But the thing about shy people, is that you can't expect them to flirt or anything. So flirt a little with him, but not to much. Good luck. :)

If a shy guy are quiet and tell someone he in love?

I would say so. He interested in you.

Why hasn't a guy you know at school that keeps staring at you intensely not replied to your Facebook message even though he has seen it?

The only person who can answer that is the guy you messaged. It could be that he is shy or his stares do not mean that he is interested in you.

Would a guy be interested if he doesn't talk much?

Sometimes. Some people are just shy. Yes there are chances that he would be interested but jzt a bit shy or wants you begin the conversation...

What should you do when you want to talk to a guy that seems like their interested but doesn't know that you're interested and he just started talking to another girl?

Interested?Show him that you're interested! Be flirty! Get his attention, but make sure your timing is right, such as when he's not around his friends (he could be shy). Trust me I'm a guy and believe me it helps to know when a girl is interested! We can't always read your minds! Hope this was helpful to you! Good Luck!

What to do when a guy is showing off in front of you and he thinks that you are interested?

When a guy is showing off in front of you and if you are not interested in him simply walk away and he should get the message. If you are interested in him he could actually be shy and is trying very hard to impress you.

What kind of signals can you give to a guy to let him know that you're interested in them?

A good way to show a guy your interested in them is by flirting with them by chating them up and pushing and touching them a lot this makes a guy think the girl fancys him and if your not shy get one of your freinds to ask him if he likes you and that could lead to somewhere good luck .

What does it mean if a guy acts nervous around you?

it means he likes you, but he is nervous around you