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Im not sure what your situation is, but as a guy I can tell you that most guys are going to be hesitant to share emotion. Even if he is "lying" as you put it, its probably not to hurt you, its because its hard for guys to express emotion because all our lives we have been taught to "be a man" and to be strong and blah blah blah... If you want to find out his true feelings you must gain his trust and make him feel very comfortable with you...i guess you could say sharing emotions for guys is like having sex for girls.

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Q: How do you know if a guy is lying about his emotion feelings and words?
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How do we know that the Neanderthal people developed a capacity for emotion and feelings?

They buried their dead.

If your best friend says they don't like someone but they flirt with them tand they know you like that person does it mean that she is lying?

She could be lying to avoid hurting you, or she may not know she is flirting. Some people do not know when they are flirting. Talk with your friend about your feelings.

What magazine can you get with all emo hairstyles in it?

Your parents probably don't know what emo is. If they do, tell them that if they don't let you let your feelings out, you'll be afraid to show emotion.

Why do some guys show no emotion?

I'm a guy and some guys don't show emotion because they're afraid to express their feelings or they have a stressful life and are to busy worrying about other things.In many cases, guys don't understand emotions and don't know how to handle them when they experience them. Many guys do not show emotion because they are emotionally detached and avoid getting into "feelings" because they think feelings are for girls only. They are afraid of appearing weak.

Is a emotion?

Yes, curiosity is an emotion in humans. It is the emotion when a person wants to know or is excited.

There is this guy i really really like and i know he likes me too but he has a girlfriend and it sounds crazy but i think i love him so is there a way to know if i really love him or not?

"Love" is a pretty intense emotion, and personally I don't think there's a proven method to know. Essentially, its boils down to you and him and your true feelings for him. Take a good look at him and the situation and in your feelings, then you'll know.

How can you tell if someone is lying without them know that you are trying to find out?

You can find out by matching his words with his actions. If they don't match he could be lying. You could also carry out a little investigation to find out.

What does it mean when a guy gives a girl a gift back from his vacation?

What about that gift? Do you really wonder? Can you really not guess what that signifies? Most guys are inadequate with words. They stumble when they try to communicate their feelings. Besides feelings are emotions and in the male world, to display much emotion depreciates "manliness." So, what to do? When one is uneasy to speak the words, especially words of affection, one expresses feelings by other means. Like gifts! Take this gesture for what it is. It tells me that he is interested in getting together with you, that he would like to get to know you. Hope it all works out. Read more about the "male ego" in the book reference on my Bio Page.

What does Shakespeare mean when Othello says i understand a fury in your words but not your words?

Othello doesn't say this. Desdemona does. Othello is ranting at her about how she has been unfaithful to him, and she doesn't know what he is talking about. She knows he is angry, she can read his emotion and the "fury in [his] words", but she doesn't know why he is saying what he is saying: "I understand . . . not your words."

Why doesnt he tell his female friend the truth about where he is instead of lying?

ANSWER:could it be that he doesn't want to get in trouble from you, so he made this little white lies. Or maybe he doesn't know how to share his feelings.

Is curiosity a?

Yes, curiosity is an emotion in humans. It is the emotion when a person wants to know or is excited.

How do you know a girl is lying to you about how she feels?

Pay attention to inconsistencies in her story, nonverbal cues like avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, or changes in her tone of voice. Also, trust your intuition if something feels off. Communication and asking open-ended questions can help clarify her true feelings.