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Well u might b able to tell if a girl wants to make love bcuz she will b wearing clothes u might not usually c her wearing, she talks dirty, or shes in a bedroom. Sorry but that's all i can tell u for now. Hope it helped. bye! :D

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Q: How do you know if a girl wants to make love?
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How do you make men fall in love with you?

be the kind of girl he wants be know in a good way be nice but cool

How do you know when a girl wants to make love?

she will pull down her pants and u will slowly start to bang her

What do you do if you love this girl that wants to be with another guy but you dont know if she wants to be with you?

Let her be with the other guy. It may be hard for you but if she wants to be with you, she'll be with you. You should make your feelings known and if she is interested she'll let you know.

How do you a girl wants you fall in her arms with love?

i dont know ................................first of all your question doesnt make any sense please make sense ppl

What are signs a girl wants to make love?

well.... she takes off her clothes and yours pushes you on the bed and that's how you know she wants to do it oh-don't get scared! that makes you look like a wimp :)

What happens when a girl says to you Hey I know you?

She wants to make conversation with you.

How do you know a girl wants you to kiss her?

You and your girl will make eye contact and your girl will make a face and then you will know. If she doesn't make the face and you try to kiss her you can pretend like you lost your balence.

How do you know if your boyfriend loves you though he wants to make you always jealous?

i will know if my boyfriend loves me though he wants me to jealous because he also wants to if i also love him if I've jealous about i really love him if not i did'NT love him that's why

How does nick feel about dating someone 4 years younger?

Well it depends. He wants a girl who is a fan of him and his bros and he also wants a girl who he can talk deep with. He also wants a girl who love to laugh and who can make him laugh!

Why would a women purr while sitting on her bed and wearing a robe?

the only way to know was if you are a girl. and i can tell you cause i know but im not. fine i will tell because she wants to make love.

What kind of girls Justin bieber wants to make his girlfriend?

Justin bieber wants a girl who can make him laugh and be nice from heart and would love him not his money

How can you make a girl not love someone?

The simple truth is that you cant control who someone wants to loves or not.