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Some girls arent as confident as they might seem, if a girl is talking to you, looking at you, laughing with you, hugging you tightly and warmly. Ask her out. She might not want to be just friends and until you ask her you wont know. If you're feeling shy think how shes feeling? If you keep giving her mixed signals shes going to start liking someone else. If she says no, just smooth it over, try to be friends, but whatever you do, don't leave her hanging too long or she'll leave. Ask her!


This answer is coming from a girls opinion! ;)

Some guys can be very hard to read & 2 tell id they like you or not.

Being a girl, i would like to know if a guy liked me, instead of keeping it hidden for months.

People say that there are "signs" if a girl (or a guy in my case;)) like you, but all it comes to is the personality of the girl. At school there can be some... well..... pretty bbitchy girls, thinking their better than everyone else. Usually these girls change there mind every 5 minutes with which guy they think is 'hot' (ok... thats a bit stereotypical, but still.....) and as one of my friends said "those girls can be really shallow".

The majority of girls would be shy and afraid of telling a guy that they 'like' them, and usually wait for the guy to make the first move, which (be it a girl or a guy) is extremely nerve-wracking!

i made the mistake of liking a guy last year from July (being head over hells in love by the way :)) until December, when something happened that made him a bit sus, resulting i him asking another guy that is part of the group that i hang out with if i like him.

after a few awkward and confusing days, we both knew that we liked each other and he ended up 'asking me out'.

seriously... if u like someone try and find out if they feel the same about you..... dont hold it back for ages...

One of the worst things that can happen is a shy guy liking a shy girl..... and niether of them knowing...

Good Luck! <3


Some things a girl might do if she likes you is:
  • Always look at you or look at you in the corner of her eye ( More shy girls will mainly look away when you look at them)
  • Some will always show up out of know where ( If you're sitting with your friends at lunch and she shows up talking tyo one of your friends and looks at you every once in a while)
  • Always laughs when you say somthing even if its not that funny
  • This may be hard to find but her eyes will dialate if she likes you
  • If you say her name check, does her head snap around in a second or does she finish then talk to you
Some tips that you might want to follow are:
  1. Never wait for her, girls don't like taking the first step. If you wait for her then it might take to long and she won't like you anymore.
  2. Never ask a friend to ask a girl out for you. This may seem weird but they don't think Oh he might just be to shy! They think does he not like me enough? Is it a joke to just get me to say I like him? Is he one of the scared boys who have no guts?
  3. Talk to her!!! How will she know that you like her if you never talk to her?
  4. Ask one of her friends if she is intrested in anybody. Girls LOVE to spread gossip and if you ask if she likes you then it might not turn out so good as planned.
  5. Don't be afraid to ask a girl out, but just don't be the person who goes around asking everybody out or else they will say no. Take time to get to know her.
  6. Girls love outgoing boys, but be sure that you arn't to outgoing and make yourself look stupid.
Don't know how to approch a girl? Cheak this out:
  • If she has a friend you know go and talk to her/him and ask a question then if she answers ask more about that then ask more. Later it will be more easy to approch her.
  • If she has somthing cool that you want to see then go over and ask if you can see it. Start small talk about the iteam then move the conversation along.


hi let me try to help you she will probably try to start being good friends with you and whenevr someone asks she say he just my real close friend trying to sit next to you and like being with you "as a friend" witch she thinks will eventually will turn into a relashinship or it couls be the exact opposite where she totally mean and hurts you then laughs about it hopefully that's not what your seeeing if she shows some signs give it some time try to talk to her then at the right ime tell her you like her or ask her out
Normally when you think a girl likes you you have a good guess but the major ways are if they try to get close to you or come more of a friend to get closer to you there is also the way they may be acting mean towards you because they don't want you to know they like you General Tips1. She calls you by a nickname and or says your name really loud and obnoxiously Don't Worry if she doesn't though, she may quiet and shy

2. She always wants to sit or stand near you . If you're just standing there then suddenly you turn and see her there. The first time, it may be a coincidence, same with the second time. But if this continues to happen... its a major sign shes interested.

3. She likes to hug and touch you . Most girls love to hug. If she wants to hug you all the time. She's interested. OR... if she touches your arm. If girls push you and pull you places, its just a sign of flirting.

4. She laughs a lot around you . Girls LOVE funny guys. If you make her laugh... and laugh hard. Shes gonna fall for you hard!! (Although, keep in mind: When a girl laughs it may just be a sign of friendship, too) Unless, its like a really flirty laugh... or she even laughs at the lame things.

5. Her and her friends giggle when looking at you

100% she likes you.


well it really depends on the girl. but there are some obvious ways to tell. but realize this might not be true for everybody.

For example if she.....

  • acts nervous around you
  • doesn't talk to you until you talk to her (she is scared that she might say something obviously wrong and you would resent her for it)
  • if she acts like your not that important (but you are actually the most important person)
  • if she laughs/giggles when you make a joke (be careful she might just think you are funny)
  • you might not know it but she is actually looking at you from the corner of her eyes or she looks at you directly
  • if she gets shy when you come close to the side of the room that she is on
  • when she is talking to a group and you come in and she walks away (its not that shes not interested she is just nervous that she will act weird)
  • when you look her straight in the eye and she looks back
  • when she is talking to you and her friends are watching (this means that she is definitely interested and her friends want to know what you two are saying)
  • if she acts annoyed when you two get put next to each other or in the same group (unless she actually hates you)

There are so many more but i don't have the time to list all of them. Remember a girl doesn't like to make the first move. And most girls wont ask a boy out. and normally if a guy asks out a girl even if she doesn't like him she is still nice about it. and guys please don't ask one of your friends to ask her out for you.... Girls hate it and normally will say no even if they like you. because they feel like you don't like them enough to ask her out yourself. And remember even if you get rejected 9 out of 10 times their is always going to be that one. and instead of living life alone instead of with the one you love. YOU WILL TAKE MY ADVICE. Good luck oh and boys please if you like a girl just tell her she will probably feels the same way!!!!!

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Q: How do you know if a girl like you?
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