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She starts going after the other boys
Do you mean to ask how to know if a girl will have sex with you? You have to know her well enough to know her attitudes and values. If you have to ask her, you don't know her well enough.

Do you mean to ask how to tell if a girl's vagina is too large for you? There is no such thing. The vagina is elastic, so that a baby can be born through it, but it tends to conform to the size of the penis. Also, the more turned on a girl is, the more lubrication she produces and the "looser" she feels. Also, the better athletic condition the girl is in, the harder she can squeeze. There are two exceptions. If a girl has not matured sexually, intercourse can be very painful and can produce tearing of the vaginal walls. If a woman has had a vaginal birth, she will usually be slightly larger than she was before. Having said all of the above, a woman's partner can rarely tell if she is looser or tighter. Only she can tell.

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Q: How do you know if a girl is loose?
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