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Your height is mainly determined by your parentage. Interestingly, at age two you are approximately half your adult height.

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Q: How do you know how tall you are going to be?
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How tall im i going to be?

There is no way to know exactly how tall you will be. You can see how tall your parents are and gauge how tall you will be from their height.

How tall are you going to be if you are 13 years old and 5'5 and you parents are 5'4 and 5'6?

You can never know for sure how tall you are going to be; it is something you can't predict.

How can you tell How tall will you be?

You can usually tell by your family. If both of your parents are tall and so is your grandparents when they were younger then you are most likely to be very tall. It all depends on your genetics. It is harder for a boy to know how tall they are going to be because they can all of a sudden rapidly grow tall while going through puberty.

How tall will your kids be if the mother is 5'11 and the dad is 6'6?

You can never really predict how tall the kid is going to be. My grandparents were both really tall and my dad turned out quiet tall but my auntie is a midget compared to him so you never really know. but 5'11 and 6'6, I would say the kid is going to be very tall!

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yeah,probably but you never know

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It all depends on the type of the horse the parents are, the type of foal it is and how tall are the parents. It mostly depends on how tall the parents on because like us humans they get a gene by on of their parents to know how tall their going to be at birth and their rest of their life.

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