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she will give off little sogns like, looking at you, dancing near you, and flirting off the dance floor.YOU GO GET her! just be cool and not upset if she doesnt want to grind, THERE are other girls out there

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Q: How do you know a girl wants to grind with you?
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What does it mean when a girl says she wants to grind on you?

By definition... Grind: Reduce (something) to small particles or powder by crushing it. She wants to crush your genitals into powder with hers.

How do you start the grinding at a party?

well you can ask one of your friends (boy or girl) if you want to grind or you can start pairing people together and get them to grind. P.s its not gay if a girl grind on a girl only if your doing it for fun not serious and you know the person

How do you know your girlfriend wants to be with a girl?

you know when your girl wants to be with a girl because she would check out girls and would flirt with one. that's when you know. when she starts hanging out with them

My friend said he wants to grind me at this dance and grab my butt at school do you think he likes me?

Just because he wants to grind on you doesn't mean he likes you. It just means that he wants you for sex.

Can a girl grind on a girl?

no cuz you are a homosexual

Guys what is your absolute favorite part of sex i know this is weird but i just would like to know?

Well i am a girl, but i can tell you why. its a system, like they would do anything to have an sexual phase with you. girls here is a tip on how you can know if a boy wants you: 1) if you are at a party, they would grind on you and make happy to be dancing with him.

How do you grind in a grind line?

you basically just get behind the girl and hopefully someone follows.

How How do you know if you girl likes you or just wants to be your friend?

kiss her

How can you know a girl wants a kiss from you?

if she looks at your lips a lot

How do you know when a boy wants a girl to talk to him?

When he flirts with you, and walks by you.

How you know if the girl wants to kiss you?

when they hang out with you alot and they get close to you

How do you know a girl wants sex?

Marry her and then ask her - in that order.