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Babies need to sleep during the day, go and ask an experienced mother for help.

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Q: How do you keep my baby awake during the day?
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Does day time Tylenol medicine keep you awake?

Day time Tylenol does not keep you awake. It simply does not contain the drug/chemical that makes you drowsy.

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Those animals that are awake during the day include the following (feel free to add to this list):birdsrabbitscattlesheepgoatsdogs

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they are always awake. no matter what. they die after they have their babies.

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You can't make him/her not nocturnal but maybe if you play with him/her during the day all day for several days in a row your hamster will be used to being awake during the day and will be stay awake during the day.

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How much should a puppy sleep during the day He seems to take many naps throughout the day and keep us awake at night. What should we do?

Make sure that the pup gets a playtime before bedtime. This will assure that he will be tired and sleep at night and not keep you awake. Try to curb his naps when it gets later in the day. Pups do well when they are on a schedule.

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