How do you keep kidney strong?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Drink a plenty of water, and avoid drinking alot of drinks such as, alcohol, coke, wine. Eat a plenty of nutritious vegetables, specially green vegetables. Avoid eating alot of red meat and pork. If u are a kidney patient get a nutritional diet.

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Q: How do you keep kidney strong?
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Is a kidney a organ or structure?

a kidney is a very important organ if this organ isnt strong enough then you are conciderd to die

Right kidney hurts been to doctor twice no kidney stone?

Ahoy this is and I am a chronic kidney stone former, to date I have had 18 kidney stone surgerys and more to go. It has been my experience with stones and urologist that the NO Stone thing is a typical answer to stone formers from the Doctors. There are so many places that a stone can hide in the kidney and they can be translutent, but you can bet if it is a hidden stone it will appear with time, you can count on it. There are also many other things that can cause a kidney to hurt, all you can do is cover all the bases and keep seeing your Urologist or , different Xrays can find hidden stones sometimes. I feel for you, just keep going and stay strong.

How does the kidney keep the body healthy?

It cleans the blood

What is the maximum age to be put on a kidney transplant list?

My grandfather was 90 when my uncle donated a kidney to him. 3 years later, both are going strong.

Is the kidney of the fetus functiong?

Yes the kidney of the fetus does function. The fetal kidney is responsible for the production of the amniotic fluid. The kidneys keep on increasing in size as the baby develops.

What are the physical features of the kidney?

it is to keep your blood healthy and clean:)

Why is it important for the kidney and liver to have water?

kidney and liver need water to keep itself clean from wastes that flow through it

How do the kidney keep reptile from losing water?

The kidney concentrates the urine. By:Trevon, the one at alta loma middle school,sam's friend.

How strong is Crobat and is it worth it to keep one?

1. it is kinda strong. depending on what the ability is i would say keep it.

Is a strong pain in the head a symptom of a kidney infection?

its usually in the lower back but if you want you can google or yahoo it

Salvage yards should keep a strong inventory list. ?

Salvage yards should keep a strong inventory list.

What happens to your kidney with too much alcohol?

Alcohol acts as a diuretic, so it will keep your kidneys busy. It also reduces the risk of developing kidney stones.