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There is a song that says the same thing it took to get her is the same thing it takes to keep her. So keep the relationship in a courting like manner.

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Q: How do you keep a relationship going good after six years?
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How do you cope in a long distance relationship when you get sexually active but you are comitted to the relationship fully?

well, i was in a long distance relationship for two years. it was hard but all worth it. the best way to keep the relationship going is to keep calling eachother, keep the vibe goin'... especially phone sex. good luck.

What is a mistletoe's role in this relationship?

to keep it going

For a better relationship, how does counseling help?

to see if you should keep going with your relationship or not and if things aren't going great with your relationship you should see a counselor

How do you keep the relationship going?

To keep you're relationship going, you have to agree on things and understand the person you have a relationship with. Whether it's you're best friend or your boy friend or girlfriend, you have to understand them. Oh, and don't forget to care for them, too!

What should you do if your girlfiend is moving across the country?

Well, it depends. Do you guys have a really good relationship and do you really love her? If so, then keep contact and make plans to attend the same college or something of that sort. If your relationship is just a fling and not serious, then tell her a long distance relationship is not going to work. Good luck!

How do you answer do you remain in good relationship with your previous employer where you no longer work?

keep good friendship

Is 5 month relationship good?

Yea..just keep it up.

What is a good way to have a good intimate relationship?

Keep it real and straight up at all times.

How do you keep the relationship if I am thirteen years old and going out with a girl who lives in Massachusetts when I live in Connecticut?

Video chat with her every week if you can and talk about what went on but try not to mention anything about other girls

How do you keep a good relationship with your girlfriend?

Be nice.. and wear deordorant. it really helps

How do you keep a relationship going after a year?

Keep it new, don't fall into routine and don't forget to say things you may take for granted.

What happens if you and your boyfriend keep braking up then getting back together?

It depends on many times you've broken up.what's most likely going to happen is that one of you are going to finnally end the relationship for good if you don't resolve your problems.