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To impress a woman you would have to do a number of things.

1. Communication is always the key in starting a healthy relationship

2.You must always treat a woman with respect

3.Do not lie to your woman

4.Always make her happy, But don't spoil her


A woman's view:

The best way to impress a woman is to be yourself, be sincere, and don't deliberately try to impress her. Women prefer sincerity, honesty, a man who is comfortable in just being himself, and one who has a job.

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Japanese girls like it when the guy is really nice and smiles a lot.

the type of guys who are 'popular' in Japan are those who are nice, gets along with anyone, arent like bullies and goes out with all different kinds of girls, not so perverted and doesnt only talk about sex. so, i guess if u wanna impress a Japanese girl, just be kinda like carefree and talk to them a lot, and smile. treat them special, like different from any other girl. they like that :)

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Some girls like bad boys, some like boy scouts, some like jocks and some like geeks. The truth is that the only way to have any hope of impressing a girl is to treat her well and be yourself. If you are always trying to impress her sooner or later you will both get tired of the whole deal. The only thing I know of that is universal is all girls hate it when you treat them one way when you are alone together and then treat them like they aren't all that important when you are around your friends.

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you cook,play guitar do stunts,be strong,Kiss her,cool moves,be smooth... But ask your mom what would impress her Because I have a girl friend and she was impressed with my guitar playing but ask your mom for more:)

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Q: How do you impress a Japanese girl?
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