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fracture it

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Q: How do you hurt your leg that need a month to heal?
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If a hamster has a broken leg with swelling will it heal on its own or do you need to amputate?

You need to take it to your vet, as it will NOT heal on it's own

How do you heal a broken leg?

To heal a broken leg you want to make sure that you go see a doctor. They will need to put a cast on it and in some cases, surgery might even be necessary to help it heal.

Does it hurt to break your leg?

Yes, it is rather painful. It is thought the older you are, the longer it will take to heal, so if you are an adult or even an OAP it will hurt for a longer period of time.

How long for a Broken foot to heal?

Well it matters how horrible you heart your leg. But I'd say, eh, about well, probably a month.

What is injurious?

An injury is another word for "hurt". For Example: I have "injured" my leg. That means you have hurt your leg. Another Example: I "injured" my leg while doing gymnastics. In some cases you can say " I have broke my leg". If the need it is that painful. Thank you.

How do you help a hamsters leg to heal?

Well first of all don't touch it u need to be careful with it

Do skater get hurt to where they can't skate anymore?

well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah well if you hurt you leg or foot yeah

If you got your ankle stuck in a fold up chair about a month ago and it still hurts could it make your hole leg hurt?

Absolutely. The pain can travel up the long muscle in your leg and affect the entire leg.

Whose leg will heal faster an elderly persons or a child's?

A child's leg will heal faster. They are young, still growing and their body can easily replace damaged cells and fight infection. An older person has a slower system and though their leg may heal, the risk for infection is greater as well as the longer period of time for the leg to heal.

Does your leg hurt before you get it amputated?

It depends on the type of injury you have or why the leg needs to be amputated. If there is paralysis, the leg may not hurt at all. If the nerves in the leg have been damaged, it may not hurt. If the leg has an infection, then yes, it will hurt, Pain medication may be given to help with the pain.

What if a spider leg comes off?

If a spiders leg comes off it will heal and grow a new leg.

My Right ACL completely torn at the substance my Doctor put a solid plaster at my leg for a month Is it heal naturally Does it need any surgery It is the second week i going on with plaster?

If the torn ACL completely heal then there should be no reason for having surgery. The best thing to do is keep going to the doctor and he if it heals and everything looks good.