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Uhh, you don't. If you want to intentionally hurt someone you're in a relationship with, do him the favour & break up with him. If you're upset or sad with him, grow up & let him know how you 're feeling. Talk to him!

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you just simply find something wrong about her or talk about her then she will get sad lol its fun watchin girls cry

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i dont understand y you would want to but here are somethings you might want to watch out for: dont tell them they are overweight or fat they wil be thinking about it alot also they smell

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Q: How do you hurt your boyfriend feelings?
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Why did your boyfriend call you mean?

You must have hurt his feelings.

What do you do if you like a guy but you have a boyfriend and he likes you a lot and you don't want to hurt his feelings?

you should not stay with someone just to "not hurt them"they will be o.k.,just be honest.

What should i say if i don't have the same feelings as i did when i met my boyfriend?

If you don't have the same feelings as you did when you met him, tell him you don't feel the same way and you don't want to hurt him because it would hurt you and ask if you both can remain friends.

How get rid of a girl who want to be your boyfriend?

just tell her that she is ugly and that you already have a girlfriend somewhere else or just hurt her feelings

Is it okay to message my boyfriend's best friend if I've never talked to him before. I am worried about my boyfriend?

Yes of course it's ok. As long as you don't have feelings for his friend. If yes, the you should probably break things off so feelings don't get hurt.

Is it weird for a boyfriend to dump you because he said that you'll get hurt if you stay with him cause that is what my boyfriend said to me?

This sounds like an excuse for him to be single. But perhaps he is just trying to look out for your feelings. Talk to him and see where he is coming from.

Why did your ex boyfriend promise to be friends after and then lied to you and started being a jerk to you?

I hate to say it, but that's just a guys way of trying not to hurt your feelings.

When was Hurt Feelings - song - created?

Hurt Feelings - song - was created in 2009-09.

What should you do if your feelings are hurt?

Talk about why your feelings are hurt with someone who is close to you, think about how to improve what happening to make you feel hurt

What does it mean when a girl says she doesn't want a boyfriend when you ask her out?

One of two things. 1) She is willing to go out with you, but wants you to understand you are not going to be her boyfriend. 2) She does not want to go out with you, but is saying that so you feelings won't be hurt.

How do you ask if you hurt someones feelings?

Be straight up. Ask the person, "Did I hurt your feelings when I said this or when I did that?"

What are hurt feelings?

Hurt feelings refer to emotional pain or distress caused by a perceived offense or negative experience. It can result from a variety of situations such as criticism, rejection, betrayal, or disappointment, leading to feelings of sadness, anger, or resentment. Addressing hurt feelings involves validating emotions, effective communication, and empathy.