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Easy, when they know you are lying! SEE? if I come up to you and ask you about something that you did wrong and I have you on video or audio tape ( CD) and you lie about it then you automatically become an untrusted person.

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Q: How do you hurt people when you lie?
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What is a good reason why people lie?

Sometimes people lie to not hurt someone's feelings.

Does he love you if he lies?

Depends on what he lies to you about... cause some people lie so the won't hurt the person they care about

What happens when someone goes to prison?

some people get hurt listen to the song i love the way you lie part2

What is a word for lying so as not to hurt someone's feelings?

White lie A white lie is when you do not tell sombody somthing as it may hurt their feelings.

How do you say Why did you lie when it hurt both of us?

Just as you did. "Why did you like when it hurt both of us?"

Why people talk lies?

some people are afraid to tell the truth because it could hurt someone else or make them look bad so the lie.

Would you rather be hurt by the truth or comforted by a lie?

I would rather be hurt by the truth because then you know at least it's real and not fake like a lie would be.

Who are you friends?

Your friends are people who you can trust, stand by you, help you through difficult situations, dont leave you, dont hurt you,dont lie to you. :) xxx

What are different types of liars?

habitual chronic compulsive pathological and pseudologia fantastica

It is to lie if no one gets hurt or loses anything by it?

the answer would be a not okay reguardless of if someone gets hurt or not

Is it better to keep the truth from someone to stop them from getting hurt or to lie to them?

It depends on the truth whether or not it is better to keep the truth from someone to stop them from getting hurt. Sometimes a little white lie is better, if the truth will only hurt someone.

Why do lovers lie?

So as not to hurt; it's hard to love someone when you know you are hurting them, and people do resort to lying. It's not easy being a lover. Or in a relationship.