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Long version- Obtain private and federal funding to set up an educational program or center, specializing in addressing the specific form of ignorance you are combating. Invest several years in researching what the problems and wants of these ignorant people are and designing curricula that will best teach them what you feel they should learn. Scour the sea of well meaning accredited educators looking for work for people whose motivations and abilities are complimentary to you and your programs goals. Carefully build up a track record of success and innovation, allowing you to obtain more private and federal funding to continue the process.

Short version- Give them ALL weapons and run far far away and don't come back until the shooting and screaming have died down. Those who are left should have good potential to learn quickly.

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Q: How do you help uneducated ignorant people?
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Simple: They are either uneducated or ignorant.

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It's not slang. "Uneducated" means that they are ignorant; they have not been educated.

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Someone who is not knowing or ignorant may be called uneducated or uninformed.

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The adjective form is ignorant.

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actually, the poverty in India led to lack of education For money some poor parents send there children to work and they avoid there children to go to school . And if the poor children are also educated they can also keep there idea or knowledge and interact with world If the children are uneducated the they don't know the meaning of democracy and they vote for any member that they like.

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