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cooling water treatment

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Call 911. Place cold towels on the hand.

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Q: How do you help someone with a burnt hand?
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What should you do if someone has been burnt?

help them or pray to Allah to save them

What does it mean to lend you a hand?

To help with something or to help someone.

What to do if someone is burnt really burnt?

ask Allah for forgiveness

What does ''lay a hand'' mean?

I don't know about "lay a hand", but "lend a hand" means to help someone out

What is the meaning of give a hand?

The meaning of the English phrase "to give a hand" to help someone. A variation of this phrase is "to give a helping hand"; this means to assist someone in working towards a common goal.

What is meaning of the idiom to give someone a hand?

There are two separate idioms:1) To give someone a hand (with a chore), or to lend a hand -to give assistance with a task, to help out2) To give someone a hand (applause), or to give them a big hand -to clap your hands in appreciation of a performance

What is the definition of give somebody a hand?

To give someone a hand means to help them with some task they are doing.

What is this mine to lend someone hand?

I have NO idea what you're trying to ask about mines... If you're asking what "lend someone a hand" means, it means to offer assistance, as if you were reaching out your hand to help them.

What is a sentence using the word burnt?

Whilst cooking the Sunday lunch I burnt my hand on the hot roasting tray.

How do you know if someone is burnt by a stove?

if they scream

Why does your hand blister when burnt?

Because it's damaged by the heat.

What does he gave me a leg up mean?

Giving someone a leg up is like giving someone a hand up. It means to help someone out and give them the advantage.