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You make him a steak and tell him you love everything about him no matter what. Even if hid penis is tiny and has bigger boobs than you.

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Q: How do you help a man with his insecurities?
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How many persons have experienced emotional insecurities?

It is difficult to provide an exact number, as emotional insecurities can affect people differently. However, many individuals experience emotional insecurities at some point in their lives due to various factors such as past experiences, relationships, and personal challenges. Seeking support from mental health professionals or loved ones can help in managing and overcoming these insecurities.

An ad for a dentist's office that asks viewers if they have ever scared away a date because of bad breath is?

Playing on veiwers fears and insecurities

Why do women read self help books?

For the same reason men do; to try and find ways to resolve and fix their insecurities.

What are some insecurities?

Job insecurities, relationship insecurities such as not knowing if they still really love you, not knowing if they are okay when working far away, not knowing what the future will bring for your relationship, etc. More insecurities could be not feeling confident in your future for some reason, money insecurities (no job, not making enough money to survive, not making enough to send your children to college, etc.). There is reason for many insecurities with people these days with the economy and unemployment the way it is. In addition, people can have insecurities with the way they look, people treating them badly (people can be so mean these days). We just have to trust, keep the faith, and do the best we can do and try to keep our insecurities to a minimum.

What are the release dates for Insecurities - 2012?

Insecurities - 2012 was released on: USA: 24 June 2012 (internet)

How can a remorseful wife who cheated help her husband's sexual insecurities?

A remorseful wife can help her husband's sexual insecurities by practicing open and honest communication, reassuring him of her commitment and love, and seeking professional help or couples therapy to address any underlying issues. It is important for both partners to understand that rebuilding trust takes time, patience, and mutual effort to overcome insecurities.

Why do Bullys bully?


What does insecurities?

Not in a safe manner.

How do you overcome your insecurities of saying 'dirty' words in bed or telling your man what you want for that matter?

By relising that your more likely to get what you want by telling him. He is not a mind reader!

Why would women cry after making love and start missing the man like crazy and get very sad when he's busy working and can't see her?

It sounds as if she has insecurities that she must deal with professionally. Crying after sex can happen to some women, but missing this man even when he's working and carrying on as she is, is not normal. She should be relishing in the fact she will see him soon, not being miserable over it. Each couple should have a life of their own. She should be out working, out with friends, perhaps volunteering and have her own life as well. If she doesn't get some help for these insecurities then she may well lose this man due to suffocating him with her affections.

Do guys regularly over-estimate penis length?

All the time ! Exaggeration of penis size is very common the world over. It is one of the insecurities of man.

How can you eliminate your insecurities because they are causing problems in your marriage?

First, you need to identify your insecurities. Second, you should see a councellor if your problems are causing marital distress. A 3rd party who is completely unbiased is the best person to handle these situations. Talking to your spouse about your insecurities is an emotional dump on that person, they are not qualified to help you and it makes things worse. They don't need that weight on their shoulders so this is where a therapist comes in. Many insurance plans cover mental health.