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turn on the stove and put some ice cubes on it (enough to cover your burnt area). when the ice cubes start to melt, place your burnt place on them. push them into the stove and when your burnt area touches the burning stove, your burn will be gone.

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The same way you treat any chemical burn. Remove the substance and let it heal on its own. Don't use any more deodorant until the burn is fully healed.

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Q: How do you heal a burn caused by a deodorant?
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How do you treat a burn from a deodorant which has been sprayed on the skin for very long from close?

Treating a burn due to deodorant is a fairly simple process. First, the person should thoroughly remove the deodorant using gentle soap and water. Then, the person should cover the burn in antibiotic ointment and cover with a bandage. Finally, after a few hours, the person should remove the bandage and let the burn breathe. It should heal within a few days.

How do you get deodorant burn?

IF you have a cut or a rash under your pits it can burn or sting

Does an iron burn have to blister to heal?

an iron burn can cause wound which requires air to heal

What is this red burn in your armpit?

Because you might be allergic to your deodorant

What to do for a dog who has razor burn?

my dog has razor burn what i do for her to help it heal quily

What type of deodorant is it that cures bikini razor burn?

Any kind of womens deodorant will work. It is less harsh. I didn't believe it when I first heard it but it really works.

How long does a deodorant burn last?

I got given one in July 2010, it was for a few seconds and I still have a pale mark where it happened, and got given one in December which was for much longer and I don't know if its going to heal properly. I would advise not to do it again.

How long does it take a first degree burn to heal?

how long does it take for a burn to heeal?

Why do your armpits burn when you start to sweat and you get nervous?

Because you are most likely fat and ugly. Get a life and your under arm will be better.

How long does a water burn take to heal?

It depends on how bad the burn is. But i will give you a secret to heal the burn rub some toothepasteon the burn an dleave it on the burn for 10 to 15 minuites for at least three daysand the burn should be gone and its not an old wives taleit really works I promise

What is the difference between a burn and a scald?

A burn is caused by dry heat whereas a scald is caused by wet heat. A burn can be caused by heat or cold, and this can be wet or dry. A scald is a burn caused by wet heat such as boiling water.

Is not putting deodorant on healthy?

Some people consider it healthy to wear deodorant and some people think that it is healthier to avoid wearing it. In some cases, a person might have an allergic reaction to the ingredients in deodorant and this could be unhealthy but for most people it is fine to wear deodorant.