How do you go to sleep fast?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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STEP 1. After you eat dinner have a glass of warm milk (If you want put a drop of honey in it)

STEP 2. After your done doing that brush your teeth well. So all of the sugar is off of your teeth!

STEP 3. After your done brushing your teeth go to bed! Relax! Just lay on the bed with no blanket there and close your eyes and clear your mind! Pray!


but if you want to fall asleep naturally and fast .....

1. have dinner

2. wait around 1 hour (you can watch TV or play Nintendo DS)

3. have a cup of hot white tea take your time to drink it

4. (optional) spray 3 squirts of sleep and insomnia relief spray

5. listen to a radio in bed while a night light is running

6. close your eyes when they get a bit sore and sleep well!

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Q: How do you go to sleep fast?
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