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Q: How do you give someone the silent treatment but they are in all your classes?
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Men giving silent treatment to wives?

Men giving silent treatment to their wives occurs when they have had a disagreement or argument. Some wives also give their husbands the silent treatment when they fall out.

How do you reply if a girl calls you cheese ball?

give them the silent treatment

Should you give jealous hubby silent treatment?

Don't talk to your hubby.

How do you give a friend silent treatment?

dont answer texts, phone calls.. dont even talk to them.. if your in a group make it look like your only talking to the group.. but not the person you want to give the silent treatment too. Good Luckkk ;)

How do you get a man to admit he is wrong?

call his mother.. works for me everytime or give him the silent treatment

How do you avoid a friend?

Just give them the silent treatment, or don't walk near them, if they say something- ignore it.

What does it mean when men give you long term silent treatment?

Giving someone the silent treatment for a long period of time can be a form of emotional abuse or manipulation. It may indicate a lack of effective communication skills or a desire to control the other person through silence. It is important to address this behavior and set boundaries to protect yourself emotionally.

Why will a guy give you a complete silent treatment after your first date while before it he was crazy about you?

Who cares. Dump this Emotional Blackmailer!

When you get the silent treatment from a bpd for 6 months is it safe to assume that is the last you will hear from them?

No, silent treatment is a childish fit that personality disordered people sometimes do to feel better about themselves. It may be safe to say that maybe they have found a new person to spend their time with. Or it's to teach you a lesson of some kind that is only known by the person with BPD, (as they have illusions that we cannot fathom at times). It's a strange disorder, but there is plenty of information on the web to give you some answers :) If you are dealing with someone giving you the silent treatment for that long, it doesn't sound like they're worth your time. Move on and forget about them, unless it's family or someone you love. Good luck

How can you get your crush to say who he likes?

One way is you could give him the silent treatment...and if he is concerned about u then he likes u. Or u could blackmail him...

How do you spell cosmatologist?

Cosmologist - someone who studies the universe. or Cosmetologist - someone who give beauty treatment; beautician

Do you keep anger in silent?

Nope, I yell at people, and carry on. Some people just give others the silent treatment though ANSWER: I don't think it will be healthy for us to keep our anger, if we do, it will consume us and it will turn us bitter, and hateful