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You do not give dogs human medicine you have to ask a vet first especially vicodin.

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Mix pills into their/ its food... If not, stuff it down the throat

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shove it in there, close the mouth and make them swallow.

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Q: How do you give dog medication orally?
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Will giving ivomect orally to 75lb dog hurt them in any way?

Giving Ivomect to a 75 pound dog needs to be done through a shot. This is a medication for heartworms and it could hurt them if they are given the medication orally.

What painkillers can you give your dog after hysterectomy?

Your veterinarian should send your dog home with some pain medication. Under no circumstances should you give your dog human medication - you could kill her.

How much digel can you give a dog?

Digel is an over the counter medication for indigestion. It is not recommended to give a dog medication that is for humans, although there has been no serious side effect from people who have given it to their dog.

Is there any medication that you can give a male dog to stop him from wanting a female dog?

No there is not a medication, but you can neuter him and he most likely will not want a female.

How much clarityn can you give a dog?

You should never give a dog human medication. So 0 doses.

What is a sentence with orally?

The doctor requested that the patient take the medication orally with a glass of water.

What does activity mean regards to medication taken orally?

what does activity mean regards to medication

Can you give human penicillin to your dog?

Consult your vet, don't give your dog medication which was indended for humans.

What dosage of Allegra can you give to your chihuahua?

You can't give a human medication to a dog without permission from a veterinarian. Go to your vet, and they can give you allergy medication for your chihuahua.

Can a dog take benzonatate for cough?

It is not a good idea to give a dog any medication that is for humans. Dogs are genetically different and are not prescribed the same medications as a person would be. Benzonatate is not safe to give to a dog.

A homophone that means give permission and orally?

The homophone that means give permission and orally is "allowed" and "aloud."

Can you give your dog pain medication for kidney stones?

prescripted by the vet only