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It depends on how old you are, like if your over 14, DUDE GET OVER IT, if your under 14, just be very polite and tell em when you have to get ready, you'll shoot like a rocket and be ready :)

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Q: How do you get your parents to let you stay up late?
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Would you rather stay up late or get up early?

Ofc! Stay up late!!

How do you get your mom to let you stay up late?

be nice too her and do what ever she wont's or good luck

If a loser guy asks you out late at midnight what would you say?

If it were me I would say that my parents don't let me stay up that late. Except for New Years Eve and my parents want me to spend that night with them. IMHO, the best answer is "sorry but I have other plans". No hurt feelings and no opening for a future date.

What is Tagalog for stay up late?

Nagpuyat is stayed up late nagpupuyat is staying up late magpupuyat will stay up late

When was Stay Up Late created?

Stay Up Late was created in 1985.

What to do when sent to bed early?

kick her out the window and dont let her back in house and that means you can stay up late

Should adults let children stay up late?

Of course adults can't let their children stay up late because when you are 21 your bones stop growing, so all children are under 21 and they need to sleep to get their bone growing and if they can't they'll be small for live!

When is the first time your parents let you stay at home by yourself?

It all depends on how long they let stay home alone. When I was 10, they let me stay at home for up to an hour. When I was 12, I could stay home for up to 3 hours. When I was 14, I was baby-sitting, so I could stay home alone for however long I wanted. Hope this helps!!

How late can teens 16 stay out?

Its usually up to your parents or if u have to do something later on. And im a teen and i always go 2 bed at 10:00 on weeknights. But i up to u or ur parents :L

What is the phrase to sleep late called?

stay up late ...

Where to have my sleepover?

You should have your sleepover in the living room or the basement, somewhere where there is lots of room. It should be far away from your parents so you can stay up late! :)

How do you ask for a later bedtime?

Easy, first you have to prove you wont get tired if you stay up that late. Like on a weekend stay up till your desired bedtime and the next day get up before your parents, and when they comment on your early awakening say, "I don't know why, but it was so much easier to fall asleep last night." Then just convince them to let you stay up a half hour later, then gradually ask for another increase until your desired time.