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By treating her with love, respect, and kindness. Being a gentleman doesn't hurt either.

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Q: How do you get your girlfriend to feel like she used to in the beginning of the relashinship?
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Is it ok for me to feel like my girlfriend doesn't trust me?

It is OK for you to feel like your girlfriend doesn't trust you. You are entitled to your own feelings and if that is what you feel,that is fine. However, you should discuss your feelings with your girlfriend if they are making you feel bad.

Why do I feel like I cheated on my girlfriend?

Have you?

How do you get a girlfriend that likes you the way you like her?

Tell her/him how you feel about them.

What do you do when your girlfriend says she doesn't feel like we're dating?

When your girlfriend says she does feel like you are dating, you need to ask her why. When you find out the reason, you need to try and repair the relationship.

What do you do when a boy i like has a girlfriend but i think he likes me to?

That depends on how you feel.

What do you say when your girlfriend says what do you like about me?

Just tell her how you really feel!

My girlfriends friend used to like me apparently and keeps telling my girlfriend it hurts her to see us together their best friends and my gf is beginning to feel bad how can I make her feel better?

You should tell her that no matter what u will always love her and that you do not fell anything for her friends

How does it feel to be in a honeymoon after your wedding day?

It should feel like a wonderful new beginning of your new life.

What do you do when you still love your ex and he has a girlfriend but he said he still loves you?

You can maybe tell him about how you feel like when your with him how happy you are and how you feel safe with him

Can i be myself around my friends and my girlfriend?

You shouldn't have to lie about who you are in front of them, so if you don't feel like you can just be yourself, you have the wrong friends and girlfriend.

How do you tell someone that has been your second best friend for almost 4 years that you like them without ruining your relashinship with them?

Be truthful and real about it and tell them.

What to do if your mate falls for your girlfriend but she doesn't like him like that?

Feel lucky that your lady doesn't want your buddy. Yay!