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You can't! =D It would be a mistake to try to steal your ex away from his new girlfriend. If your ex should ever break up with his new girlfriend, he will then become available for you to try to get back together, but until then, you must respect the relationship that he has.

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run the girlfriend over with a bus, train, van, big truck, etc.

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you don't that's so dick.

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Q: How do you get your ex to dump his girlfriend?
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Will the narcissist leave his new girlfriend and return to ex wife?

No, but, he will likely dump the girlfriend in time and move on to another victim. Trust me.

How do you tell your ex boyfriend's new girlfriend that he still calls me at tells me he loves me?

Don't do that because she or he. Will get upset and want to fight your ex and dump you

My ex wanted me to dump my girlfriend why is that?

Well for one it is your ex that has said this and it probably means she is jealous not to mention may just want you for herself.

How can I help my current girlfriend get over her ex-boyfriend of 3 years?

Dump her, then she'll try to get over you instead.

What to do if you have a girlfriend but you still love your ex girlfriend?

dump the new girlfriend and go back to the old never know when you two are going to catch up some i right or am i right?

Do you accept your ex girlfriend's words if she says she promises that we will be back together again?

no... they will dump you again most likely if you get back together.

What happens if I find out my girlfriend is a lesbian?

Be there for her and support her. DO NOT FRECKEN DUMP HER!

Did greyson chance dump his girlfriend?

He never had a girlfriend so he could never dump 1.

How do you get an ex boyfriend?

If you have aboyfriend and you dump him, then he is an ex.

How do you get ex boyfriend?

If you have aboyfriend and you dump him, then he is an ex.

What would you do if your ex cheated on you and then dumped you and went with his new girlfriend how would you get him back?

If it was your ex then he hasn't cheated on you because he is your ex. He cannot dump you because he, or you, have already broken up. What you should do is try to grow up.

Should you tell your ex-husbands girlfriend that he has been cheating on her with you?

You should be looking after yourself and 'ex' means the relationship is over. If you think it's love with your ex husband it's all about sex and he's using you and his girlfriend. If anything you should be getting together with his girlfriend and both of you face him with the accusations and both of you dump this waste of skin.