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Give him some space to be alone and let him be for a while. As previously suggested, a week of not having any communication would be more than enough. It is also just right for the two of you to miss each other's company. Regardless of the reason why he is not talking to you or whoever has fault in it,

try to get back to him to talk it out. Settle your issues and lay down your cards. If the love that you have for each is strong enough, the two of you will be able to through this.

leave him alone

What i suggest is you either text him, ring him or talk to him face to face

and say, 'Look i know i was wrong and i am SO sorry, its really been upsetting me as im sure its been upsetting you, i what i propose we do is either talk about this situation in

a calm way or just forget about this all and put it behind us, because yano what?

you mean so much to me and it would just brake my heart to lose you, and having you not talk to me is torture! i want you back in my life again so please, please forgive me and accept my apology because i love you and i never want to let you go'

but first, give him some space! i suggest a 3 days- 1 week should do it!

it if that isn't the case, im afraid he is just not a keeper! He obviously isn't mature enough to drop the act and forgive you.

Good Luck


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I don't know why anyone would want to persist in talking to someone who obviously doesn't want to talk to them, but the best thing to do in this situation is to try to get your point accross to them in a kind, non-threatening, diplomatic way. If the person you're trying to speak with senses you mean them no harm, they'll be a lot more likely to respond well to you.

Past that, I'd say forget them. You only risk being an obnoxious pain if you are persistent with someone who wants nothing to do with you.

Obiously this person has no heart ^. Just start out saying hi you know don't go crazy on them just get to know them.-Coolcharm7

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Well... You could call him and if he doesn't answer you can leave him a message telling him what you feel. Or you could even txt him or write him over facebook or Myspace.

get a friiend tu pass messagees on ,,

and find out the reson why he dumped you ,,

and then ask him why he hasent been tolking to you ?x

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If you mean he won't tell anyone he is with you, then sorry hun maybe you don't mean that much to him and he prob has another girlfriend. He cant tell anyone about you because it would mess up his relationship with his other girl. find someone who is going to hold your hand in public and gloat about you being his girl.

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keep calling him until he picks up, try to make him jealous. talk to another guy. Payback

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Q: How do you get your boyfriend back if he wont talk to you?
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