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Don't, if he is interested in another girl, he isn't the one for you, I know it's hard to here but trust me! You will find someone better!

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Q: How do you get your boyfriend back from another girl?
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How do you get back your boyfriend when he is in love with another girl?

there isn't a way

Should you get back with your boyfriend after you found out he have a crush on another girl?

If he truly wants you back, then of course!

I want my BF back but I was the other girl but I know he loved me and still does so what should I do I don't trust the girl he is with?

If you want your boyfriend back, who is currently with another girl, simply approach the other girl and tell her to stop spending with your boyfriend.

What will you choose your boyfriend will die or he will be married to another girl?

If he wants to marry another girl he's not your boyfriend.

What if your boyfriend dumps you for this another girl then he dumps her a then goes back out with you?

you're an idiot for takin' him back. you're an idiot for takin' him back. you're an idiot for takin' him back.

How can you get a boyfriend back after a year but yet he has a new girl?

It's been a year. Does his new girl deserve an ex trying to take her boyfriend away? Get over him and find another partner, or even a hobby.

If your boyfriend breaks up with you for another girl but you still want him back?

Get another gye that really cares about you. Seems this boyfriend couldn't so why be with hime if he cheated on you and doesnt love you. Gte with another gye and make him jealous.

Your ex boyfriend is just a friend to you now but you want him back but he likes another girl?

If he's just a friend to you now, then you don't want him back.

How do you steal another girl's boyfriend?

You don't.

Why will a guy tell his girlfriend about another girl?

if the girl he is with is being nasty or treating him badly for no reason that's acceptable, or if she is talking about an ex or another guy she thinks is cute just to get back at her boyfriend.

When your boyfriend got another girl pregnant?

If your married divorce him, if he is your boyfriend DUMP him.

If you have a friend that has a boyfriend and another girl likes her boyfriend what do you do?

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.