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Several oral laxatives are available over the counter. One of these is Dulcolax. If this still doesn't work, a suppository may be used.

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Q: How do you get unconstipated ive tried hot tea laxatives and high fiber cereal?
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What should i do if i haven't pooped for 2 weeks and i just farted and blood came out and i get the diarrhea and severe cramps I've tried laxatives and fiber pills what should i do?

Your best bet is to contact a doctor.

What is a high fiber cereal that tastes good too?


Lose Weight the Healthy Way With Cereal?

If you have tried ever fad diet over the past few years and none have worked for you, try a diet that incorporates something you already eat: cereal. You might think that cereal is full of carbs and sugars, but in reality, cereal can be very healthy. Look for a cereal diet that includes high amounts of fiber to keep you fuller for longer, as well as added vitamins. You can generally replace breakfast and lunch with a cereal diet, and eat a healthy protein and vegetables meal for dinner. Try different varieties to keep it from getting boring.

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You tried the Body Trim diet for 2 weeks Yes you lost 4 kilos but am totally constipated This is not a healthy diet you needed to take laxative tea to get your bowels moving again you would not recom?

first I would recommend looking at the diet and seeing how much fiber you're actually getting. you might just need to increase your fiber intake. I would try Metamucil before you try to laxatives to you so your body can do it more natural. our juice is something you can drink that helps with constipation. you can buy that at Walmart or anywhere.

Do laxatives help you lose weight fast?

No, they don't. Laxatives are meant to help people with their bowel movements not with losing weight. DON'T DO THAT. I've got an old aquaintance that tried that and their body is now dependant on them permanently. It's not worth it.Laxatives don't make you lose weight. If you're looking to flatten your belly, try a detox instead.

Curing the Bowel Movement Problem on the Dr. Atkins Diet?

If you've ever tried the Dr. Atkins diet, then you might be aware that it can have some strange effects on the regularity of your bowel movements. You may find that it's nearly impossible to have a bowel movement without resorting to the package of laxatives. Stop right there. There's no need to rely completely on laxatives to bring your bowel movements back into sync. If you find that you're having trouble using the bathroom while following the Dr. Atkins diet, try taking fiber pills every few days to supplement what you're not getting. Just one every few days should do the trick in getting your body back on track!

Could something be wrong if i can't move my bowels and already tried laxatives?

Yes, there could be something wrong in this situation. There are various health conditions which could cause this, some of them serious, so the best bet would be to go to see your doctor.

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What happens when you excrete?

I have not been able to excrete in 3 weeks. I have taken stool softners, laxatives, eating prunes, drinking a lot of water and even tried enemas. What else can I try and what will happen if I still don't go to the bathroom?

Is there a risk in taking Lipozene when you have a heart condition called wolfe parkinson white syndrome?

Lipozene merely contains the fiber, glucomannan. This fiber can absorb water and then be excreted. However, the FTC revealed in 2005 that Lipozene was improperly marketed and promoted and that it does not have any fat-burning properties. Lipozene shares nothing in common with stimulant diet pills (which can affect the heart adversely). Lipozene is farily harmless, but many who have tried it have concluded that it is an overpriced source of fiber.