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Don't act like a nerd just be you self

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just talk to her!

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Q: How do you get this New girl in your class to notice you you are cool in your school too?
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How do you go out with the hottest girl in school?

Make her notice you. Be nice, play cool, dress hot.

How do you get a boy in high school to notice you?

Usually when I notice a girl in school, it's because they're being themselves, not putting on a different face, or trying to be 'cool', if a girl was just herself, she'd have no problem whatsoever, but sometimes the girl has to start talking to the boy, or at least a smile every so often.

What is good body language to have if you want a girl to notice you?

class clown

How you make a girl comes to you?

Act cool and dont be shy and probably she'll notice you

How do you get a girl you have never talked to to notice you in high school if you are a freshman?

Talk to her.

Is Girl Scouts cool or lame?

Whether or not Girl Scouts is cool or lame, is of course a matter of opinion. Of course, some girls think that Girl Scouts is totally cool and other girls think that Girl Scouts is totally lame. Generally more girls think that Girl Scouts is cool in elementary school and more girls think that Girl Scouts is lame in high school, but there are all kinds of girls and Girl Scouts has a lot to offer.

What does the name kelonntai mean?

hot and cool and go with the cutes girl in school

This girl in my high school class likes me and i like her what should i do?

Ask her out.

Is a girl that is awesome and goes to school What does haelani mean?

A girl that goes to lee elementary and is my bffl she is cool dude

This girl in my class she sometimes stares at me for a while and always says im cool and stuff and asks how i am also we always talk does she like me?

If a girl in your class stares at you for a while, is always saying you're cool and stuff, asks how you are, and you always talks to you is most likely that she likes you.

How do you attract a girl at high school?

well she will notice you if you come to school naked i did it once and she cetainly noticed but i also got suspended

Who is Lucy Wilson in ousedale school?

Lucy is a cool Girl sitting next to me, :) On the left