How do you get swine flew?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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From what I have heard, you get it from pigs. And it just started in Mexico. Since, people have been coming in and out of Mexico, then the other states are getting it. So far, it's been in Texas, New York, Ohio, California and I think Kansas. Hopefully, I have helped you find your answer. Thank you for listening.

I will add that SIV (swine influenza virus), is an airborne pulmonary disease. This makes it a flu but once inside the body, it continues to behave as a virus. This makes it a flu and a virus together. It all beguins with the sneezing of a swine transmiting the flu that later on becomes a virus in the body of a caretaker.
If not dealt with properly, this Swine Flu outbreak will bring very bad concequenses.

make sur u nalways wash ur hands

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Q: How do you get swine flew?
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Is swine flew in seaford?

Not yet

Is the swine flew in Europe?

yes lots of it to

How did the pig get on the roof?

it flew ((flu)swine flu) lol

How did Mexico get the spine flew?

It's called Swine flu and here:

Is swine flew in Victoria?

Yes. Victoria has the highest tally of Swine flu in Australia at the moment. On 2nd of June there was 306 total confirmed cases.

What percentage of people in the world will be affected by the swine flew epidemy of 2009?

About 1-2%.

What to do if you have the swan flew?

If you have the swan flu, go to the hospital. They can help you out. You must mean the"swine flu".

How easy is it to get swine flew?

EXTREMELY EASY. I already have it and I had to stay home from school. And trust me, you DO NOT want it!

Why do parents pull their children out of public schools and place them in charter schools?

Because public schools are spreading sickness and bad ideas and the swine flew and the bird flew and just the regular flew and it's not safe for your children.

How did Swine Flu get in Britain?

Britains who were having a holiday/visiting relatives in Mexico flew back to Britain with the flu.

How do you feel when you get the swine flew?

you feel miserable, sick, downright its pretty much like the regular flu

How do you get rid of swine flew?

buy a medication for you and take it every day and coff with your hand on your mouth and pick your nose endlessly