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# blank her for a day or two # when you bring sweets or chocolates refuse to give it to her # within a week you have a sister from rude to kind

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Q: How do you get rid of your rude sister?
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How do you get rid of a girl friend who is rude?

You can be more rude than her.

Is it rude for your sister to get engaged right after you?


Why is your sister being so rude?

Because she hates me

Can you get rid of your sister?

you can get rid of your sister and her friends by saying you want time alone or you can say you will tell on them. You can also try hurting them or threatening them

Who does nico marra like?

im hes sister i no but it just be rude 2 say

How do you get rid of your big sisster?

usually a person would not want to get rid of their sister. If you have thoughts about killing your sister please seek help from a trusted adult or school counselor.

What is the inverted Peppa Pig?

that peppa is a man and GEORGE IS HIS SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not trying to be rude with the caps lock

What do you do when your sister is always bing rude and never listens and talks about your friends like they are crap?

If your sister is always being rude and never listens and even talks down to your friends, the best thing to do is converse with your parents about the situation. Also take into account your sister's age. She may just be acting out to get attention from you and other people.

I love my younger sister?

Its always right to love your sister and yes, you should always love your sister even if she is annoying, selfish or rude. You should even be grateful that you even have a sister because not a lot of people have sisters.

How do you get rid of a sister when not needed?

Throw her down a well of wonders!

How do you get rid of caring sister?

start being a..."caring" brother":)

How was Holling's sister a rebel in Wednesday Wars?

hollings sister was a rebel in many ways. For on she was always very rude to him and she never ever listened to him. Hoped this helped!